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Psychic Occurrences During the Defense of Outpost X&78 on Damaris

Ork Psykers

Report By : Navigator Secundarium Maturinus of House Pazzano
Classification : IWcQv7mA-oWt-MqPX-WdvinJo2a-b1Uj8k


After the void battle above Damaris, the inner council looked at options to destroy any Orkish Rocks that had descended to the surface of Damaris. It was debated by the Inner Council if we should use the Lumen to simply bombard the Rocs from orbit. However it was decided that the damage to the Lumen was to serious and that bombardment from orbit would not be optimal. It was decided that the Hos troops would be deployed to the surface to help General Dante in vanquishing the green menace in combat on the surface.

Thankfully General Dante had prepared the troops Damaris to have a excellent defense in depth around the city. The Inner Council was able to have all the walls and bunkers and successfully lobby to have artillery remain to support the defense of the city. General Dante would lead a battle group to destroy the orkish roc while the Inner Council watched the defense of the city.

A section of the 13th Platoon had been shadowing a large column of orks were descending from the roc onto the city. Quickly shifting forces to meet this threat the Inner Council decided to meet the foe on the field. It was at this point that the Inner Council was at Outpost X&78 when the ‘Green Tide’ swept forward.

The Battle

The pre-positioned artillery barrage rained down on the orkish horde. It was not stopped It was then that heavy bolters and the heavy stubbers opened fire in fields of overlapping fire. Making a dent in the orkish horde, it seemed to notice the concentrated and excellent fire from Outpost X&78. It was at this point that I felt a slight disturbance and a shiver along my arms, it was something in the warp. At the time I didn’t know what it was, but conjecture now leads me to believe it was teleporting orks.

The orks having been unable to overcome the fire from our walls were attempting to teleport themselves inside Outpost X&78. It was unfortunate that the xenos didn’t destroy themselves while doing so. Instead a group landed in the middle of the outpost, next to Hos command bunker. Our First Officer and some members of the Honour Guard. As usual the Astropath First Officer was slicing through the enemies with his powerful warp infused weapons. Slicing and dicing the greenskins as if they were green apples.

While our Arch-Militant was turning the greenskins into green puddles of goo, the hairs on my back stood up. It was clear that one of the orks was channeling the warp. Having seen what Barak the Squig Caller could do, this was an unacceptable danger to Lord Hos and the rest of the Inner Council. I moved to suppress the xenos psyker. He was clearly confused at the point where our wills battled to server his connection to the warp. It was as if fighting a giant oak, swinging an axe trying to sever the connection. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t completely sever his connection, he was able to reach into the warp and then somehow transport his body out of real space. The sensation from the warp was a if the warp was eating a warm pea soup, and then choking on that pea. The ork also cried out something about “Getzin outta herze, ta be back to fight ya gits.”

After Action

When this xenos psyker had left, it was a simple matter for Lord Hos and his honor guard to destroy the rest of the orks. It simply took no effort to destroy these muscle bound idiotic xenos. Although I did learn in the course of the battle that smashing the orks with my staff didn’t seem to do to much. But the plasma weaponry created large holes in these xenos, as demonstrated by Caine, Felicis and myself.

With the threat to Outpost X&78 secure, the orks were slaughter by the well planed defensive fire from the outpost and walls of Damaris City. It was interesting to note the silly xenos would not stop coming even thought the piles of dead simply went higher. The lust for blood and battle seems to know no bounds.

Casualties on our side were light, and estimated at around 2,000 dead , wounded or missing defenders. The orks lost an entire rocs worth of xenos around 60,000 dead were estimated.

oupost x78

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