Navigator Houses


A Navigator (Homo navigo) is a very particular form of Imperial-sanctioned mutant who possesses the rare and powerful Navigator Gene. This gives a Navigator the unique ability to navigate a faster-than-light void ship with acceptable accuracy and speed through the Warp. This ability makes Navigators absolutely essential to the Imperium’s continued survival and to all interstellar transportation, communication and commerce. All Navigators have a third eye, commonly called the Warp Eye, on their foreheads, which allows them to perceive the “psychic light” known as the Astronomican, enabling them to fully use their powers in guiding human starships through the currents of the Warp.

Their ability to sense the tides of the Warp is considered psychic, although Navigators never possess any psychic abilities beyond the powers their Warp Eye affords them. Navigators possess natural life spans of as much as four hundred years. As they increase in age, their abilities increase in power, and their physical appearance changes: the white and iris of the eye slowly hardening to a black orb is almost always the first sign of mutation in all who bear the gene. All Navigators belong to a large group of noble families based on Terra in the great district of that world-city known as the Navigator’s Quarter. These dynasties are known collectively as the Great Families of the Navis Nobilite.

Known Navigator Houses

  • House Benetek – The “Mad” Navigator House, they have been involved in the exploration of the Koronus Expanse since the beginning, and it was their Navigators who first theorized there must be a way through the Warp Storms. some of their line appears to have dabbled in xeno-tech.
  • House Drake – A medium status Navigator House who was contracted with the Cult of the Divine Flame. They have had trouble finding contracts for all of their Navigators, and are accepting jobs below their station.
  • House Ortellius – One of the most senior Navigator houses operating out of the Calixis Sector, they are currently undergoing a respite from their duties, and only accepting contracts on safe, well-charted routes.
  • House Nostromo – A lost house of Navigators. However the Hos Dynasty has come across a corrupted Navigator and one that has been found in stasis.

Navigator Houses

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