Legend of the Emperor's Bounty

For information on the ship itself, see The Emperor’s Bounty.


When the exploration of the Koronus Expanse began in earnest, enough rumours and fragments from empires both Xenos and Humans of a ship matching the description of The Emperor’s Bounty remained to spur the idea that the vessel had somehow survived its battles and had become lost in the Expanse. However, having been lost for over 2 Millennia, any clues as to its current whereabouts were long since swallowed by the depths of time, but the possibility of the vast fortune on board the ship kept its legend alive to this day.

Fortunately for the Explorers, the Bounty was not the only ship lost during the Angevin Crusade. The In Purgatio Lumen, current vessel of the Hos Dynasty Rogue Trader dates from that period as well, and had also been rediscovered following its disappearance during the Angevin crusade. Most of the machine spirits that remembered the ship logs from that period has either expired or lain dormant, so most of its history has also been lost, but during a routine maintenance of the vessel, Explorator Artifex Felicis recovered a registry of the Salvation Beacon of The Emperor’s Bounty.

The beacon corresponded to the Magoros system located inside The Foundling Worlds of the Koronus Expanse. With a firm lead to follow up on, Rogue Trader Jequin Hos ordered his vessel to set sail for the Koronus Expanse, intent on reclaiming the Bounty, and plundering the ancient treasures held deep within its holds.

Legend of the Emperor's Bounty

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