Ironmine Syndicate Vessels

Ironmine Syndicate Vessels

The three foundling vessels of the Ironmine Syndicate were all salvaged from the Dark Eldar planet known as the Nexus of Shadows. They were extensively re-modeled to suit their Xenos owners and were likely used on stealth raids. Though well-upgraded, they are still more fragile than the Hos Dynasty are used to.

Active Vessels


  • Cobra Kai – The original flagship of the Ironmine Dynasty. Armed with a powerful archeotech lance and a good maneuverability, it still relies on stealth for the initial assault, and then overwhelming its opponents in combat.


  • Black Adder – Armed with an upgraded Ryza Plasma cannon, it is the less destructive of the two vessels, but infused with a destructive unholy energy that make its shots dangerous to any enemy vessel.
  • Black Mamba – Equipped with a powerful archeotech lance, it is a fragile cannon that, when paired with its twin, can cripple an enemy with a surprise assault, and then flee back into the Void.

Ironmine Syndicate Vessels

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