Hos Dynasty Platoons


Early in the Explorers’ career, they realised that they were going to need people who could murder other people, and preferably a lot of them. Arch-Militant Caine began an intense training program with potential recruits, as Jequin Hos acquired specialized lasguns that could better augment their troops. As the Guncutters they used in attack runs could normally only carry 30 troops at a time, it seemed natural to divide their forces into platoons of 30, each one gradually being trained to fill their own niche.

Rules for Creating Platoons

  1. Start off with Stats across the board at the basic Crew Rating (currently 30).
  2. Increase all Stats by 1d5 (rolled individually)
  3. Pick three stats for those troops to “specialize” in, and raise them by a further 5.
  4. Pick one Talent that the Troops qualify for and award it to them.
    • All troops start with the Basic Weapon Training (SP & Las), Pistol Weapon Training (SP & Las) and Melee Weapon Training (Primitive) Talents.
  5. Pick two Skills that the Troops qualify for and they have had the chance to learn, and award it to them.
    • All troops start with the Awareness, Dodge, Common Lore (Imperium), and Common Lore (Imperial Navy) skills
  6. Design a “Platoon Power” and clear it with the GM. This power should not be too game-breaking, but should give them a unique flavour.
  7. Wounds: 5 + 2xTB

Levelling Up Platoons

A Platoon begins life at Rank 0. When it completes a number of missions equal to its next rank number, it “levels” up. Thus you require 1 Action to reach Rank 1, and then 2 additional Actions to reach Rank 2 (3 Actions total). Platoons may not advance in Rank beyond the Explorers’ rank.

  1. Pick two stats and increase them by +5 (these can be the stats picked at creation, or different ones)
  2. Pick any two skills and either give them as Trained, or if the platoon already possesses those skills, advance them by +10.
  3. Pick one talent that the Platoon qualifies for.

In addition, if a Platoon would ever gain Corruption, it must test Malignancy and may be “levelled up” if it gains at least one Malignancy. This does not increase the Platoons rank. If a Platoon ever tests against all of its characteristics for Malginancies, it must be dissolved.

Created Platoons

Hos Dynasty Platoons

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