Battles for Skadi

The Action on 297.824.M41 in the Damaris System

Battle Against Xenos Above Skadi in the Damaris System

Report By: Navigator Primus Maturinus of House Pazzano
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This was the final battle for the Damaris System. Lord Hos had liberated a small outpost that contained long range scanning of the aether. It was in liberating this outpost from Orkish strike force that Exploator Felices was able to find the triangulation coordinates for where the orkish menace was coming from, the elusive gas giant Skadi (??). With this the Inner Council, together with the Council for the Defense of Damaris were called together. It was decided that Rogue Trader Blitz and his fleet, together with the fleet of Rogue Trader Orleans would stay behind to protect Damaris from any threats. The bulk of the fleets would set off to destroy the orc roc making facility orbiting the gas giant. Lord Hos took the three crusiers with him, The Emperors Bounty, the In Purgatio Lumen, and the In Obscurum Veritas. The Ageis under the indomitable Captain Locke would also provide support. In addition two squadrons of three ships from the DDF would be under the control of Lord Hos for this operation.

It was determined that the orkish rock making facility was being guarded by an orkish battle crusier and two escort ships. It was decided that the best way to destroy the facility was through guile and subterfuge. To that end the Hos Dynasty decided to use a number of weapons. The first was a captured ork teleportarium, in conjunction with a large amount of re-purposed bombs from the Admech facility on Damaris. Moving in on silent running the bombs would be teleported into the rock, and damge it beyond repair. Then the remaing ships would destroy the ork battlecrusier and withdraw for the inevitable implosion of leadership on this Ork battlefleet.

The Battle

The fleet was divided, the Lumen, the Veritas and 3 DDF escort ships made the Left Flank, the Bounty and the Agies with 3 DDF escorts made the Right Flank. It took 8 Standard Terran Days to reach Skadi. All ships moved in silent running with the plan of sneaking into the orkish moorings around the roc making factory. It was a great success, the Lumen was able to get within 15 AU, having set the clock for the bomb earlier Hos only had 5 hours to get the Lumen into position. It was a righteous success that the Lumen was now in position. Captain Hos ordered the orkish transporter activated to transport its deadly cargo. Artificer Felices threw the switch dematerializing the bomb. Felices and his Admech crew must be commended for the jury rigged work, the bomb was placed in the poorly secured munitions area of the Rok Facility. The explosion ripped through the orkish facility causing massive casualties and causing the flaming wreckage of the facility to fall into the gas giants, never to be seen again.

It was at this point that the element of surprise was over. The Allied Fleet ships were then able to pounce onto the helps ork frigate. It was unfortunate that the orkish captain was wise to what was happening and reacted with lighting xenos speed. His brute ram ship split the spin of one of the DDF Frigates. The two pieces were set adrift armsmen pour out of the split pieces while the Ram ship continued full speed ahead.

By racing ahead though the ork captain had exposed his stern to massed shots from the remaining ships of the Right Flank. The Ageis scoring hits, followed by the DDF ships each scoring hit. The final blow to that ship was delivered by the Macrocanons of the Bounty leading to the small ram ships rear armour giving way. The bulkheads collapsed and plasma drive explosions vaporized the rear and ripped the front apart. It lead to the death of this minuscule yet pesky xenos ram ship.

While the Right Flank was dealing with this problem, the Left Flank was moving against the ork battlecrusier. A full complementary broadside from the battlecruser was able to catch the Veritas, severely damaging the macrocanon components. Although some servitors were lost to the void, it was not a massive lost as most of the crew can be recycled. Although the Veritas returned fire it was largely ineffective. It was then at this point the reaming ships of the Right Flank moved into the stern of the battlecrusier. This excellent move protected the ships from the massive broadsides and allowed them to attack the weak points of the battlecrusier.

The Lumen and the DDF ships fired multiple lance and macrocanon salvos up the battlecrusier plasma thrusters. In addition the Right Flank was now in a position to contribute to hitting the battlecruiser. The Veritas was crippled and making a withdrawal while being protected by the ships of Right Flank, yet it fired what it could upon the battlecrusier. It was at this point that the Emperors Bounty let lose with its most precious Bounty, torpedo. 2 slammed home into the battlecrusier. The Ageis added powerful lance shots into hurting the battlecrusier. Finally the DDF ships were able to contribute little, but were still able to damage some lighter armoured sections of the battlecrusier. The Lumen was able to lance the battlecrusier multiple times, however the Lumen was unable to slow its momentum down. It ended up in the starboard arc of the battlecrusier and was delt a punishing full broadside with all available lances and ork macrocanons. It was with this that both flagships crippled that the orkish warboss threw a challenge to Hos “OI YA GIT, GIT OVAR HERE, WEZ FIGHT AND SEE HOW DA REAL BOSS IZ!” Captain Hos never one to wast the lives of his men, or the opportunity to fight in personal combat agreed to one on one individual combat.

Hos gathered the Death Bastards, and the 8th Platoon “The Musicians” and his Inner Council to move to the orkish ship. Although the orks were chanting as soon as the Lander touched down, banding the crude weapons they carried against the floor and other orks. The cacophony could not drown out the truly grand rendition of “Men of Hos” as Lord Hos marched down the corridor to large door where Hos was told “TA GOEZ IN THRUGH DERZ.” However Lord Hos was well versed in the tricky of the orks. He brandished the Wraith Plasma pistol (that I had purchased for him), and walked to the door. The ork Warboss crashed through the metal door, and he was no doubt surprised by the Imperial Plasma bolt to his chest. The Dennisian creature let out a terrible squeal. It then rushed Lord Hos and tried to hit him, however Lord Hos was prepared. His armour held and his mind was sharp to dodge the incoming attacks from the xenos leader. He again shot the xenos, but was then able to land a shit with his Eldar Dire Sword. But it predictably broke. Poor xenos construction aside Hos dodges the incoming orkish attacks. He then drew his trusty Imperial Manufactured power sword, and quickly slew the beast in one swing!

It was at this point that our vox channel was overwhelmed by screams from our vessels apparently another xenos fleet was engaging the Allied Fleet. The hated Eldar, had used the orks to cover themselves. It was at this point that a sentient rock that Felices was carrying said that these Eldar had come to kill the Hos Dynasty. He quickly informed us that this ‘Craftworld Kaelor’ had seen that there history would be intertwined with the Hos Dynasty. They viewed this as a bad thing, and had previously sent assassins against us. The sentient rock had suggested staying in the ork battlecruiser and letting our Imperial companions die. After a quick discussion, I suggest “We may die, but those dastardly Eldar shall not control our fate, let them pay dearly for this folly!” The rest of the Inner Council agreed. We decided that the Lumen was to damaged to participate well in this fight. We were teleported (against our will) on to the bridge of the Bounty. Here Cassius was dirstracting the Eldar by saying that “Lord Hos is on this vessel but is uh … indisposed.” But now Lord Hos gave a somewhat AMAZING speech about destroying the Eldar, unfortunately it has been lost in a data vault corruption. Although the situation was hopeless looking at an Eldar battlefleet, the Allied Fleet was ready to fight and make the Eldar pay dearly!

The Craftworld Kaelor was so fixated on destroying the Inner Council that they charged straight for the Bounty. This was there folly. Astropath Eckhart was able to use his shielding to protect the Bounty from Eldar fire. Although useful Eckharts ability was taxed to the limit and some Eldar lance shot seared the hull of the Bounty. But the counter fire from the Allied fleet was amazing. DDF ships were able to destroy one Eldar escort. The Aegis eliminated 2 escorts charging on the Bounty. The very damaged Veritas continued to fire hitting two Eldar escorts that flew past the Bountry destroying one. The Eldar crusier fired shot after shot into the Bounty, most of the shot were missing or absorbed by the shields. However it was at this point that a sudden explosion occurred. It was none other then the loosely affiliated ork ship “Da Ship Eata” which has some how acquired a Nova Canon, and was now using it to devastating effect against the Eldar escort vessels, knocking 3 out in one blow. It was also at this time that the giant Eldar crusier was hit with Vortex Torpedoes from the no longer silently approaching Gyre ! The torpedoes were devastating, causing massive rips in space and time, ripping apart and killing all in its gravitational pull, warping hulls and causing them to become non-existent. As well it seemed that the talking rock owned a ghostly looking starship, it to began to fire on the large Eldar cruiser.

Now the battle had turned. What was going to be a massacre had turned around. Now the pitiful xenos were being massacred. In the rush to kill the Inner council they had funneled the ships into a large kill zone, and although the massed fire crippled the Bounty they had lost the battle. All that were left were killed, none escaped. In the blind search to kill us they had no thinking put into the battle and so were punished for the intrinsic xenos arrogance.


The Lumen, Veritas and Bounty, were heavily crippled had have lost many crew. The mysterious rock and ork ship left as mysteriously as they had come. 1 DDF ship was lost. Total Allied Fleet casualties are believed to be around 106,000 humans.

The ork WAGH has lost its rok making facility causing around 2.5 million casualties. The destruction of the ork ram ship caused the removal of around 25,000 orks. The ork battlecrusiers is believed to have lost around 70,000 orks. Total ork deaths are around 2.6 million.

An entire Eldar battlefleet was lost. Although I no nothing of how xenos work, best estimates available suggest that the Eldar fleet lost a large crusier, in addition 11 escorts of various sizes and models were destroyed. Our last adepts calculations and reserch suggest around 371,000 Eldar were killed. Its seems what they said was true, that the fate they have is connected to the Hos Dynasty. If they attempt to attack us, they will die.

When the fleet returned to Damaris their was much rejoicing as now the was safe. With Lord Hos also being appointed Governor by a grateful Lady Orleans, who would now no doubt continue to .

Battles for Skadi

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