Acquired Gossip


The Koronus Expanse is a region constantly in flux from the wheelings and dealings of the hundreds of Rogue Traders sailing its depths in search of treasure and adventure. It would be impossible for any one crew to attempt to tame all of its depths, or even be aware of everything that’s happening. This page represents a small snapshot of information that the adventurers have gleamed about the Koronus Expanse

Session 2a – Krawkin Feckward Must Die

Dinner at the Liege’s Court

  • Aspyce Chorda has mounted yet another expedition to the lost world of Grace. This marks the fifth such expedition since the world was first lost to the Warp Storms, and the second in the last year. No one expected Chorda to care this much about a colony of lost criminals and nobles, and it’s speculated that there’s something in the system that she wishes recovered. The Warp Storms surrounding that planet seem to be subsiding, in which case there will be a rush to scavenge whatever is left.
  • Rogue Trader Yuria is succumbing to old age, and her children and claimants are arriving in system for their share of the Warrant.
  • Jeremiah Blitz claims to have spotted the mysterious race of Rak’gol in The Foundling Worlds, the first such sighting of this xenos race outside of The Ragged Worlds.
  • The Inquisition has arrived at Port Wander, but don’t seem to be making moves into Footfall at this time.
  • Another load of refugees arrived in from Svard this morning. The poor bastards look like they haven’t slept in weeks.
  • Eldar have been moving more openly throughout the Expanse.

Whisperings in Warpsbane Alley

  • Sleeping Grace and Grace and Grace will all soon awaken.
  • The Inquisition is coming, but they mustn’t come. If they come here then the dead will have come to make us like them.

Acquired Gossip

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