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  • Seldon's Folly

    h2. Administratum Classifications *Classification*: War World *Region*: [[Ragged Worlds]] *Discovery*: 621.M41 *Current Proprietor*: Planetary Government/Seldon Dynasty *Environment*: Blasted and Radioactive. *Recommendations*: In the Grim Dark …

  • Zayth

    _Nothing makes profit like the blood of men._ - Sabal Eyth, Voidmaster of the _Far Horizon_ h2. Administratum Information *Classification*: War System *Region*: [[The Heathen Stars]] *Founding*: N/A *Current Proprietor*: Zayth Battle-Cities * …

  • Gun Running

    h3. Type: Lesser Endeavour h4. Goal: Transport arms to [[Seldon's Folly]] at the behest of [[:kadin-hopko | Kadin Hopko]]

    h4. *_Objective 1_*: Successfully navigate to Seldon's Folly (*_Exploration_*) h4. Result: *Completed* (Background …

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