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  • Known Merchants

    h2. Summary The Explorers have discovered a number of specialised merchants in their travels. When making acquisitions using these merchants they gain special bonuses to certain types of acquisition rolls, but also penalties to others.
    h3. …

  • Kadin Hopko

    The proprietor of Hopko's Firearms, a dealer of firearms on [[Footfall]]. He is currently engaged in some fairly impressive war profiteering due to the events taking place on [[Seldon's Folly]], and has indicated that the bulk of all arms trading in and …

  • Jonquin Saul

    The self-proclaimed Trade Admiral of the Expanse, Jonquin Saul has built himself up as a serious influence in the Expanse not through military might or great missions of exploration, but simply by establishing solid, reliable supply lines bringing …

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