Jequin Hos

Rogue Trader.



45 kg/ 90 kg/ 180 kg

Corruption : 9
Insanity : 20

Wounds : 7
Fate Points: 4

EXP Spent: 23650
EXP Earned: 23750 (should link to advances taken)

Origin Path
Home World: Child of Dynasty
Birthright: Savant
Lure of the Void: Chosen by Destiny (Xenophile)
Trials and Travails: Darkness (Forbidden Knowledge) – 200xp
Motivation: Prestige
Lineage: Uncertain Inheritance – 300XP

Acrobatics (Ag)
Awareness +10 (Per)
Carouse (T)
Charm +20 (Fel)
Ciphers: Rogue Traders, Underworld (Int)
Command +20 (Fel)
Commerce +10 (Fel)
C. Lore: Imperium, Imperial Navy, Rogue Traders (Int)
Deceive +10 (Fel)
Diplomacy +10 (Fel)
Dodge +20 (Ag) Talented
Drive Skimmer/Hover (Ag)
Evaluate (Int)
F. Lore: Pirates +10 (Int)
F. Lore: Xenos +20(Int)
Literacy +10 (Int)
Pilot: Space Craft +10 (Ag)
S. Lore: Astromancy, Heraldry, Imperial Warrants, Judgement, Legend (Int)
Scrutiny (Per)
Search (Per)
Secret Tongue: Rogue Traders, Underdeck (Int)
Security (Ag)
Speak Language: Eldar, High Gothic +10(Int)
Speak Language: Low Gothic, Ork, Trader’s Cant (Int)
Survival (Int)
Tech Use (Int)
Trade: Archaeologist, Voidfarer (Int)

Air of Authority: Affect 1d10+FEL with Command test.
Dark Soul
Enemy (Child of Dynasty)
Enemy (Craftworld Kaelor)
Enemy (Forbidden Knowledge)
Exotic Weapon: Eldar Dire Sword
Foresight: 10 mins of contemplation gives 10 bonus to next INT roll
Good Reputation: Ad Mech, Ecclesiarchy (
Hard Bargain: +1 Profit factor for completing an endeavour
Hatred (Eldar of Craftworld Kaelor)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Paranoid: +2 Initiative, GM may secretly Test his Perception to notice hidden threats.
Peer (Academics, Nobility, Underworld)
Renowned Warrant: The character gains a +10 bonus to Interaction Skill Tests with those who understand the importance of the warrant, such as other traders and Imperial officials.
Resistance: Fear
Unnatural Intelligence x2: Efffective Int modifier of 12, add 2 DoS to opposed Int tests.
Wall of Steel – additional parry each turn
Whispers: +10 investigation/interview

Best-Craftsmanship Las-Pistol
Common-Craftmanship Power Sword
Void Suit
Set of Fine Clothing
Xeno-Pelt Cloak
Best-Craftsmanship Enforcer Light Carapace (AP 6 all, 7kg)
Unique Chainsword (+2 DoS on hit)
DEldar pistol that almost killed me
Fancy Plasma Pistol
Power Fist, needs backpack power source
Eldar Jokaero Dire Sword
Powder Wig
Lathe Forged Light Power Armour with Power Fist.

Honour Among Peers: +5 bonus on Interaction Skill Tests when dealing with high authority in formal situations
Xenophile: +10 bonus on Interaction tests when dealing with Alien races or cultures. -5 WP for Xeno powers or artefacts.
Renowned Warrant
… from the In Purgiato Lumen, perhaps you’ve heard of it?


Jequin Hos

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