3rd Hossian Platoon "Crusaders"

The faithful warriors of the Lumen. "In hoc signo vinces"


Minion Rank : 2
Mission Count: 3

Massed Combat Stats

  • Default Magnitude: 30
  • Attack Value: 9
  • Defense Value: 4

Command Personnel

  • Commander: Lieutenant Ossul
  • Fire Team 2 Leader: Sergeant Simonds
  • Fire Team 3 Leader: Sergeant


  • AP 3 All – Reinforced Imperial Navy Uniform and Flak Helmet:
  • Merovech Assault Lasguns
  • Ranged: 1d10 + 3 E; Pen 0; 1/-/5; Clip 120
  • Melee: 1d10 + 3; Pen 2;


  • Basic Weapon Training (SP & Las)
  • Pistol Weapon Training (SP & Las)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Chain)
  • Berserk Charge
  • Hatred (Heretics)

Disorders and Malignancies

  • None (at the moment)


  • Awareness (Per)
  • Dodge (Ag) +10
  • Common Lore (Imperium)(Int)
  • Common Lore (Imperial Navy) (Int)
  • Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int) +10
  • Medicae (Int)
  • Perform (Chant) (Fel)
  • Scrutiny (Per)


When fighting something obviously heretical gain a +10 to any charge against that opponent.


The Crusaders are a recruited mostly from the pious members of the In Purgatio Lumen, as well they recruit from many pilgrims coming through the Koronous expanse. Many members come from Feudal, Shrine, and Imperial Worlds. One of the entrance requirement is a complete memorization of the Imperial Graces, with proper testing from the Navigator.

The zealous group is lead by Lieutenant Ossul. He sets the tone for the group. Being able to hate heresy with an unmatched depth. Of the platoons none could stand against the charges of the Crusaders. In addition to religious upbringing the squad also places importance on Imperial virtues such as charity and help to humanity. They spend much of the spare time ministering to the crew and there illness and injures.

So far they have distinguished themselves against the warp possessed statues on the planet of Silence.

3rd Hossian Platoon "Crusaders"

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